Measuring Your World

High Precision Insturmentation Systems For Pavement Condition Analysis


A Powerful Sensing Platform combined with Flexibility and Ease of Use

With over 20 years of experience in design and deployment of high precision industrial instrumentation, Itirium Ltd have an enviable reputation for quality and reliability

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Integrated Sensing Modules

Advanced modules integrating self diagnostics and continual monitoring guranteeing the quality of your data

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Sensor Arrays

Multi-sensor arrays combined using a flexible mounting system allowing you to expand your capabibilities as your company grows


Intuitive Software Control

Wireless control and monitoring of the complete sensing platform through an intuitive touch based user interface.

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High Power Central Control

Sensor data is aggregated using our high-speed processing system. With the capacity to handle over 50 simultaneous data streams and store over 2000km of data

Fully Featured Data Processing and Reporting


Raw Profile and IRI Survey Report Generation

Profile generation to ASTM E950 and higher with in built IRI reporting at multiple intervals


Cross Profile Rut Analysis

Rut depth reporting to World Bank Standards


Road Geometry

Gradient, Cross-fall and Radius of Curvature with IMUs embedded within sensing platform


Texture Analysis

SMTD and MPD texture analysis to ASTM E1845 standards



ROW Cameras

Support for up to 8 DMI triggered camera streams. Flexible options for resolution and capture intervals


Data Export and Reporting

Captured data available in raw CSV, ERD and ProVal formats for import into your pavement management system


Combining experience in civil engineering, metrology, signal processing and UI design, our team are dedicated to developing the most capable and integrated sensing platform available.

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